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King Marketing is a bit different from other firms. You won’t find yourself striving to be recognized in a sea of people. There’s no top-down management structure here. Instead, we want people like you to join our firm and work closely with our leaders. Our team is where our company’s heart is at, so come find out how we help career-focused individuals develop business success of their own.

If you’re a team player and have a strong desire for growth and results, let’s talk about what being part of our team means.

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Join King Marketing to grow your expertise in:

• Business skills like personnel management, marketing, and sales
• Building marketing initiatives focused on customer service
• Creating custom in-home entertainment solutions
• Goal setting and team management

Learn how we create impact.Precise strategies to meet customer need lead to measurable outcomes.

Individualized Guidance
Coaching is essential to our growth culture. Our leaders started their careers at King Marketing. Through their experiences, they’ve become respected managers who are happy to share their entrepreneurial wisdom as they guide new ambassadors through their earliest days with us. We all pay it forward.

Working Together Works
Success here is all about teamwork. Our King Marketing culture is based on collaboration and working toward common goals, while we each strive personally and professionally to become our personal best. We back each other, knowing that working together magnifies our potential.

Hard Work Meets Fun
We give our work everything we have, but we like to play hard, too. With King Marketing, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a host of travel adventures, from regional trips to tropical retreats. It’s a pleasure to reward our ambassadors for their dedication and results. Come experience it with us while we build our careers together.

Long-Term Growth
Your success in the business world matters to us at King Marketing, which is why we offer many opportunities to add to your professional network and learn from some of the industry’s most legendary stars. Our people attend events and conferences where they form solid connections and gain practical insights that assure sustained career growth.

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There are so many great opportunities available for ambitious, self-directed, and positive people to develop as entrepreneurs. Are you ready to be one of our emerging leaders? Let’s get you on board by sending your resume to careers@kingmarketinginc.net