Strategies for Making the Most of Your Next Interview

To find the best and brightest to join King Marketing, we interview quite a few people. Many people think that the hiring manager holds all the cards in these situations. However, companies are trying to attract top talent as much as applicants are trying to land the best offers. Here are a few ways interviewees can take charge of the conversation:

  • Ask What Former Team Members Might Say: Some interviewers will ask you what your previous supervisors would say about you. Try turning this around and ask what former team members may say about the company you are applying to. This will give you some insight into the work environment.
  • Ask What Their Greatest Value Is: We pride ourselves at King Marketing on offering an empowering, team-based culture. Ask the interviewer what he or she thinks is the greatest strength of the company from a team member’s perspective. In this case, the actual answer likely matters less than the way it is delivered.
  • Ask How You Can Learn With Them: Continual learning is the secret to lasting success. Ask about what the company offers in terms of training and how you can access that. This will not only show your eagerness to grow but also offer insight into how committed the business is to professional development.

Asking these questions will empower you to learn more about the companies to which you are applying. Find other ideas by following King Marketing on [Twitter].